Andrew Garfield had not to breathe

Эндрю Гарфилду пришлось не дышать

30th Nov in hire leaves a film “Breathe for us”, where the actor Andrew Garfield played the main character. Garfield had to experience a new role, because he played a character with a terrible diagnosis of “polio” is not paralyzed, his hero is only a person. The actor had to abandon the movements of the body and play one person, and in some moments and not breathing. What other tests the actor had to pass Andrew on the set of the film, he said in an interview with Hello!

Эндрю Гарфилду пришлось не дышать

“In fact, the hardest part was to breathe. Palsy Robin could only do it with a special device, with intervals, and I had to learn to do this as well. Of course, it was hard. But this is a job for which I get paid,” said the smiling actor. “And in the case of this film, in addition to the salary I got invaluable experience, which quickly lowers from heavens on the earth.”

It turned out, the actor wasn’t so hard to get into character, because he perfectly understood the feelings of his character. In childhood he was diagnosed with Coxsackie virus, which he could be paralyzed. But it happens rarely and they are very lucky. “I remember I once watched a documentary about people with disabilities who play wheelchair basketball, and then one of the characters turned to the camera and said, “I was diagnosed with Coxsackie”. After that I think I even cried. Suddenly realized that my life could have turned out quite differently. And “Breathe for us” once again reminded me about it.” recalls Andrew.

Эндрю Гарфилду пришлось не дышать

In the movie character Garfield was the wife that helps her husband and tries not to pay attention to his illness. The actor also expressed their outrage with the current notions of love, because people often throw their favorite for somebody better. Garfield blamed the whole thing on the phone, because according to him they kill us every day. “Phones are killing the imagination and the relationship between people is, if anything, only my thoughts and not the truth,” says the actor. “I even think that creating gadgets is just an excuse for scientists study the dependence of man on technology. Maybe I’m paranoid, but depend on their phone I definitely don’t want: I only need it for rare calls.”

As the actor spoke about his life achievements. “It may sound corny, but my greatest achievement is a good relationship with his father. To achieve this, I had to put a lot of effort. We had a lot of resentments and misunderstandings, but we were able to accept each other with all faults. It’s requires great courage in any relationship is to see a real person, not your ideas about it. Now I can proudly say that my father is my close friend. This achievement means more to me than all the awards.” says Garfield.

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