Andrew Garfield admitted that he still loves Emma stone

Эндрю Гарфилд признался, что до сих пор любит Эмму Стоун

In 2015, ended a wonderful tale of Andrew Garfield and Emma stone, which, as many thought, was to end the wedding. But it did not happen. For some reason the actors decided to leave. But whether it was?

Recently, Andrew made a curious confession, which (we hope) will be a weighty argument in favor of the fact that these two were back together.

Garfield admitted that he still loves Emma.

Did this actor during an interview for Hollywood Reporter.

To a journalist’s question, “You’re on a deserted island and can bring only one actor or actress. Who will it be?“ Garfield immediately gave the answer: “Emma stone. I love Emma. She’s fine. And she can always come back to me.”

It is noteworthy that the stone also talked about not yet dead feelings for Andrew in an interview with Vogue: “He’s someone I still love very much. Last year was interesting. He was a good. And very sad. It had its own disadvantages and advantages.”

Do you think there is any hope for the resumption of these relations?

We will remind, meeting of the pair took place on the casting of “the New spider-Man”. A few approved and in the end they played a couple in love. Emma and Andrew were able to transfer those feelings in real life, but unfortunately not for long.

In the spring of 2014 Garfield made an offer hands and hearts, and in early 2015 they broke up.