Эндрю Данбар жив: слухи о его смерти оказались просто нелепым совпадением

Эндрю Данбар жив: слухи о его смерти оказались просто нелепым совпадением

On the eve of the Western media as one spreading rumors that American actor Andrew Dunbar, who played in the TV series “Game of thrones”, died tragically. The reason Andrew died, not commented, but his colleagues began to call the relatives of the actor and offered their condolences. They even published photos in social networks and genuinely upset. Later it turned out that Dunbar died, but not one that everyone thought.

Andrew Dunbar decided to clarify. To this end, he has published on his page in Instagram post with a screenshot of the news item. The actor told his fans that he is fine, he feels good. He admitted that the day got a huge number of messages, and it is strange at the moment to confirm that he was indeed alive. Andrew explained that in fact he died of his namesake, which has an identical name, but because of lazy journalists, there is a terrible misunderstanding. The celebrity admitted that he wanted to explain yourself, it’s fake and to Express condolences to the people of Andrew Dunbar, who really died recently.

Of course, fans of the actor did not hide his joy on account of the fact that he was alive and covered the post with their comments. Some of them advised a 30-year-old actor to sue the journalist, who first began to disseminate false information to the end without understanding the details.

Well, if you believe the signs, we can conclude that actor Andrew Dunbar will live happily ever after. Hope to see the actor in many interesting paintings.

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