Andrei Razin profited from the labor of minors of soloist “Tender may”

Андрей Разин наживался на труде несовершеннолетних солистов «Ласкового мая» The producer has used child labour. Andrei Razin always knew how to benefit. From an early age he learned not only to make money, but to be able to organize other people.
Андрей Разин наживался на труде несовершеннолетних солистов «Ласкового мая»

In “My hero” Andrey Razin remembered about his childhood and spoke about the first success as a producer. He was born in Stavropol. Some time after his birth the mother and father of a boy killed in a car accident.

“When I was a year old, they crashed. I was in Kislovodsk orphanage, then I was transferred,” says Razin.

He was a graduate of Svetlogradskaya orphanage. According to the famous producer, people tried to help them with things, but the clothes were given to children from families of educators. Razin persuaded one woman to be his grandmother. Valentina Mihailovna was empty. Then he started to come to her for the holidays. Says Razin, supposedly she was the mother of Mikhail Gorbachev.

At age 16 he went North to Nizhnevartovsk earn. He worked as a bricklayer. At 21 he wanted to marry Irina, but they were not given separate housing. However, some time later, Andrew returned to Stavropol, where he was appointed Chairman of the collective farm. Through connections, in 1985, Razin began his musical career. He managed to get on TV and take part in the program “Morning mail”.

Андрей Разин наживался на труде несовершеннолетних солистов «Ласкового мая»

Andrei Razin noticed a group of “Tender may” in 1986. The team consisted of guys from Orenburg boarding school. Thanks to the efforts of Andrew, eventually the group with the Jura by Shatunova began to collect stadiums.

While the popularity of the team Razin came up with different ways of earning. He even wanted to send the fans group books with their pictures of cod: with each shipment he would have received ten rubles. The group sang and played instruments minor children. As soon as the administrators group 18, Razin, they were fired. Finance team was in charge of it, as he was more than 20 years.

“I didn’t pay them. Why should they pay? I told them even the money is not shown,” said Razin.

However, when the leader of the group Yuri Shatunova turned 18, he was able to buy a home abroad, in Germany. He had about 10 million rubles.

According to the producer, he created music until Gorbachev disorganized country. During his career, the producer learned how to achieve any goals. In 2017, there was even a documentary film “Tender May. The cure for the country.”