Андрей Разин назвал Ольгу Бузову «самой бездарной певицей» The musician decided to speak out frankly on the work of the leading “House-2”. Andrey Razin declared that Olga is the worst singer in the history of mankind. According to him, in the 80s he was a much better artist, but also had no voice.
Андрей Разин назвал Ольгу Бузову «самой бездарной певицей»

While many divorced women shed tears in the pillow, 32-year-old leading “House-2” got a career and has succeeded. Thus, the former wife of footballer Tarasova regularly releasing hits and touring concerts. Olga greeted with applause, as in Tver, and in Turkey, and her songs instantly take the first lines of the charts.

However, the phenomenon Buzova not all to their liking. Among those for whom TV has become a bone in the throat, was the Creator of the group “Tender may”. Idol from the ‘ 80s decided on a Frank admission, saying that there’s nothing worse than creativity of the singer. Andrei Razin said that he never had the perfect voice, but it did not prevent him from becoming the best singer of the USSR.

“I think the most talentless singer of all times and peoples of Olga Buzova. She even outdid me in mediocrity. Although I, not being able to sing, has given over 2800 concerts and recorded songs 123. According to the results of the hit parade TASS, in 1989, was voted best producer-singer of the Soviet Union,” said Razin.
Андрей Разин назвал Ольгу Бузову «самой бездарной певицей»

Caustic comments on TV star used to answer. Now Buzova work schedule is painted literally on minutes. Yesterday, she gave a concert in Turkey, where she was met by joyous fans, and then Buzova waiting literally all over Russia.

It seems that fans really do not mind the absence of their idol, the perfect vocal. Is it more than compensates for the crazy energy and love of the stage.

In addition to his musical career in the spring of this year, she announced that going to be the heroine of the new reality show “Married with Buzova”, where for her hand and heart will fight the most wealthy men of the country. According to star, she is desperate to look for love in the rhythm of daily life, and therefore ready to defer in almost all cases to meet the man of my dreams.

“I’ve seen the first applicants. They are not dummy. These people interested me. But so far I haven’t told anyone who I liked, and not say. I will check each person. I can say: if I knew that the show can’t be men, which is interesting to me, and I never would have agreed to participate in it”, – told Buzova.

In addition, the artist has successfully engaged in the business developing its own brand of clothing and runs a restaurant in Central Moscow.