Andrei Mironov has another grandson

У Андрея Миронова появился еще один внук
Maria Mironova “attributed to” illegitimate child.

Maria Mironova and Andrey Soroka

Photo: @Instagram mariya_mironova_actress Maria Mironova

Maria Mironova was surprised to learn from the tabloids that she has another son… a bastard. Artist read about it in one of the publications where it was specified, who exactly is her “secret relation”. The actress became “mom” 25-year-old actor of the Moscow Provincial theater — Andrey Soroka.

First, Mironov has decided to devote in the news the hero of the publication. In social networks Maria turned to his alleged illegitimate child. It is worth noting that this rumor has spread after paparazzi captured on the streets of Moscow the actress next to Andrew.

“Smoke is called… Andrew Forty, hold on! According to the latest tabloids, you turned out to be my illegitimate son! It is a heavy burden…” — Mironov wrote on his page in social networks. Andrew, in response has published an excerpt of the most revelatory article. “Maria Mironova actively grow from 25-year-old son star. The wise mom is sure: the face of the actor should become familiar in gossip columns. That leads Andryusha with you!” — quoted Forty tabloids.

Most likely, there was confusion, because Mary really is 25-year-old son Andrew. Only he’s not Forty, and Udalov (from his marriage with Igor Udalov). The “real” son Mironova, by the way, went in her footsteps and also became an actor.