Andrei Malakhov: my outcome-2017

Андрей Малахов: мои итоги-2017 Such strong emotions as in the past year, I have not felt before. There was even a priceless moment of absolute happiness…
Андрей Малахов: мои итоги-2017


Decade of our journal, we celebrated in a big way. Once earned, don’t be so humble! The more that over the years “StarHit” has acquired the same name and a very popular site. In company with our glorious United version, of course, celebrated and those for whom we are trying so hard, who monitors our website and every week is excited to open a new issue. Therefore, the number of competitions and prizes that “StarHit” came up for you, dear readers, in the last 12 months, has broken all records. And, of course, the icing on this delicious cake has become our traditional competition “on vacation with Andrei Malakhov”. Its winners we landed on the island of Haiti and was in the beautiful Dominican Republic. And the other winners of the contest “Window to Russia”, using the ecological travel Center will go in 2018 photo tours in the “Smolensk lakes” on lake Baikal.

“On vacation with Andrei Malakhov”: the winner increased his ass

Андрей Малахов: мои итоги-2017


Of course, nine months before his appearance, my wife especially did a good job, but still, when you take a bag with a newborn son, kiss the delicate fluff of his hair, of such fear, tenderness and pride that take your breath away. And looking at the first Cascino identity card issued to him in the hospital (a half – boy, the mass of 4020 g, height – 54 cm), I, and years later will be tears. After all, Natasha now parents.

Andrey Malakhov: “Sasha Himself changing diapers”

Андрей Малахов: мои итоги-2017
Андрей Малахов: мои итоги-2017


Their first meeting occurred when he was a folk artist, a crowd favorite, has toured in Kiev, and she, delicate beauty, blonde 16 year-old, approached him for an autograph. And after fifteen years of living together they got married. Huge difference in age and social status did not play a role. Because “And the sun was rising, and a rainbow bloomed…” And the mother-in-law cooked adored son-in-law his favorite compote of cranberries. Was love. At least, I really want to believe it. After a couple of Armen Dzhigarkhanyan and Vitalina Tsymbalyuk-Romanovskaya looked so happy. But slightly paraphrasing the words of the same old smash-hit, a year of family life “blazed sunsets, and rain scored in the glass” – began the recriminations, the exercises with real estate and litigation. The result – loud and scandalous divorce, which is sad for all, especially us romantics.

Андрей Малахов: мои итоги-2017


Throw in me tomatoes, but this is Diana Shurygina. A magical transformation of the poor victims of violence in public person (that’s what today calls itself Diana) and almost 5 million views on her YouTube – iron argument. Although the recent transition from the camp of brunettes in the camp of blondes it seems to me ambiguous.

Андрей Малахов: мои итоги-2017


Strong, brave, calm melancholic. And compact))). So 28-year-old orenburzhets Vladimir Lavrov describes your four-legged friend breed Shiba inu named Steve. Walking around the outskirts of Pyatigorsk (Vladimir is an avid hiker, and the dog always accompanies him), they decided to cross the ice stream. And if Vladimir are safely on the other side of the bridge, then Steve slipped under review owner “of This fiasco, bro!” he plopped into the water. Needless to say that this instantly became a meme, and the roller with a wet, but cheerful dog is still one of the most popular in the Network.

Андрей Малахов: мои итоги-2017


November 19, in the Day of grief and memory of victims of wars and state violence, for many years celebrated in Germany, in the Bundestag were teenagers. The German students spoke about the red army officer Ivan Gusev, ill in a German prisoner with TB, and about 17-year-old Hopes Thrownaway from Kirovograd deported to Germany. But Russian high school student Nicholas Desyatnichenko in excellent German – thank the teacher Lyudmila Kononenko – remembered the story of 21-year-old soldier of the Wehrmacht Georg Johann, who was killed in combat in Russia. By the way, about the horrors of the Second world novourengoyskaya the student learned from the eyewitness. Fighting for the Motherland, his great-grandfather fought and was seriously wounded.

Андрей Малахов: мои итоги-2017


Cannes film festival said “Square” “Palme d’or” and the plot of this Swedish picture is amazing. A successful curator, Museum of contemporary art, who stole the wallet, and most importantly – the phone is going to deal with the thieves in a poor area of Stockholm.

Андрей Малахов: мои итоги-2017


At the age of 13 she worked in a children’s camp counselor, and at 15 got a job in a modeling Agency. After high school, from which graduated with a silver medal, entered the University, graduating with honors. It’s all about Olga Buzova! And in the movie she starred, and a collection of clothes made, and on the stage was performing, and on stage left. But the most incredible fact is on view in Instagram Olga Buzova spared even this then of the public peace, as Kim Kardashian.

“I don’t hurt anymore”: how did the lives of Olga Buzova after divorce

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