Andrei Makarevich condemned for the concert after the tragedy in St. Petersburg

Андрея Макаревича осудили за концерт после трагедии в Петербурге The musician responded to the attacks of spiteful critics who are unhappy with his decision not to cancel the show the day of the explosion in St. Petersburg metro. Andrey Makarevich said that his work is entertaining, and noted that his speech he protested against the tragic events.

      Андрея Макаревича осудили за концерт после трагедии в Петербурге

      Yesterday in St. Petersburg was a tragedy that struck the community. According to the latest data, the explosion in the subway claimed the lives of 14 people, dozens of passengers were hospitalized with burns and injuries. Many celebrities expressed condolences to the relatives of the victims, in addition, in social networks began to publish the posts with the hashtag #PrayForStPetersburg.

      In St. Petersburg’s subway bombings. PHOTO. VIDEO

      From 4 April in St. Petersburg announced three days of mourning. In addition, in connection with the recent tragic events TV channels corrected yesterday’s broadcast, and a number of cultural institutions has made changes to his repertoire.

      Monday, April 3, was also expected to take place the concert of Andrey Makarevich. During the conversation with journalists, the musician has said it has no plans to cancel the performance with the program “Yiddish jazz”. As a result, it was held, as planned, in Philharmonic society named after Shostakovich. The decision Makarevich has caused a mixed reaction in social networks. Many Internet users have begun to openly criticize the actor and call to boycott his work. After some time, the star has clarified his attitude to the current situation on the page in “Facebook”.

      “On the occasion of today’s concert in St. Petersburg, the network had a lot of stink (did not read, I was told). We began the concert with a minute of silence, and no fun at all, the program “Yiddish jazz” in itself does not carry. And most importantly: today, by and large, sadly, nobody can feel absolutely safe, because attacks are the places where people. You can cancel all concerts, close to railway stations, airports and supermarkets. Probably will be safer. But it will mean that they won. They want us all cancelled.” – says Makarevich.

      Fans of the musician supported his publication of “likes”. “Andrey Vadimovich, you are 100% right. A “Yiddish jazz” rather nostalgically spring-like than funny, so all of place”, “that’s right, the proper response is to continue to live full” “All right, if you follow this logic, then we in Israel due around the clock to cry. Never”, “Absolutely agree, we must not give up”, “the Purpose of terror is to frighten people, so we stayed at home… And spend a night like this concert (but I never show entertainment) – this is hypothetical to show the terrorists that the target is not achieved,” wrote in the comments to recording artist.

      We also add that in defense of the famous musician spoke to the General Director of “European media group” Roman Emelyanov. “As for Makarevich, who has not cancelled a concert, and for this was persecuted by the masses… the Concert thing. If this is not the performance of the group “reflex”, the tone of the concert may be different. And nothing wrong to meet with people, to talk, to think, to sing, IMHO, no,” said the man, noting that he is not a fan of the artist.