Andrei Konchalovsky will be shown at the Moscow international film festival retrospective of his films

Андрей Кончаловский покажет на ММКФ ретроспективу своих фильмов
Before the anniversary of the Director is only two months.

Андрей Кончаловский покажет на ММКФ ретроспективу своих фильмов

Andrei Konchalovsky

Photo: Artyom Geodakyan / TASS

It is true that on the eve of the 80th anniversary of Andrei Konchalovsky’s
Moscow international film festival held a retrospective of restored
movies outstanding Director. “For me, a very valuable opportunity to show my
picture young people who were born twenty years ago, and I
already shot twenty films, and they have not seen, of course. It’s very important
their opinion on how they feel and understand life. After all, to live and to steer
have them”, — says Andrey.

Almost half a century the Director strikes the audience and critics with a diversity of
creativity and his indomitable energy. This year the people’s
artist of Russia, Director of the world celebrates its 80th anniversary. A retrospective of his films at the 39th Moscow international film festival — one of the Central events of the anniversary year.

The audience
see early paintings Konchalovsky, included in the Golden Fund of domestic and
world cinema on the big screen in a restored copyright
copies of high quality. There will also be new works of the master:
a metaphorical film “White nights postman Alexei Trapezina”, which brought
Konchalovsky “Silver lion” for best Director at the Venice
film festival 2014, and the picture of “Paradise”, also received the “Silver lion” in
Venice two years later.

On 25 June the restored painting, “the hen” will present
people’s artist of USSR Inna Churikova. After watching the main performer
the role will share their memories of filming and answer questions from the audience.

Inna Churikova in “hen”

Photo: still from the film

28 June, after the screening of the film “White nights postman Alexei
Trapezina” will meet with the writer Dmitry Bykov, the author of a number
interviews with Andrei Konchalovsky and articles about his work. “This picture
Konchalovsky is one of the best and the most important in his extensive filmography includes responding,
finally, the question about the main theme of his work” — so wrote about the film Bulls.

As part of a retrospective you will see the following picture
Andrei Konchalovsky: “the noble nest”, “Sibiriada”, “the First teacher”, “History
ASI Klacina who loved, but not married”, “hen”, “White nights
postman Alexei Trapezina” and “Paradise”.