Andrei Konchalovsky commented on the unfolding sex scandal

Андрей Кончаловский прокомментировал разгоревшийся секс-скандал
The Director came to the defense of men.

Andrei Konchalovsky


Andrei Konchalovsky expressed his authoritative opinion on raging for a long time, Hollywood sex scandal, the “face” of which was Harvey Weinstein. The subject of the Russian Director raised during the conversation with the journalist. View 80-year-old Konchalovsky on the problem of harassment has surprised many users of the Network.

It turned out that the famous worker of culture sees nothing wrong with what the Directors and “status” actors on film sets sometimes afford liberties. Konchalovsky outraged, they say, men are made to pay attention to women, and they often are not against a special “token”. This, according to the Director, it was inherent in the people nature. Hollywood scandal he called the “manipulation of the masses” and suggested that, in this case, to prosecute all men.

“I think the world has always stood on this. If it comes to that, then you should immediately judge Clinton. On the other hand, we, I hope, is not threatened. Because men should stick to women, and women must resist. Leo Tolstoy said, “the girls love, when them squeeze”. So, it is necessary to sue the entire male gender. It’s a normal hysteria and manipulation of the masses” — quoted Konchalovsky’s “news”.

Meanwhile, the situation of 65-year-old Weinstein is getting worse every day. As a result of the scandal, his reputation was “crushed”, he turned away from his wife, friends and colleagues. In addition, in the future he may end up in jail and spend there, by the way, for 25 years. Next week a Manhattan Prosecutor will present the case of Weinstein Grand jury, which will decide whether the “ousted” producer charged.