Andrei Konchalovsky believes that men should stick to women

Андрей Кончаловский считает, что мужчины должны приставать к женщинам

Sex scandal with producer Harvey Weinstein received such publicity that even the representatives of the Russian show-business are unable to comment on the situation. Recently 80-year-old film Director Andrei Konchalovsky gave an interview to the newspaper “Izvestia”, where he told a personal opinion about the ongoing situation in Hollywood. He believes that men should stick to girls.

“Yes, all this nonsense! <…> Men should stick to women, and women must resist. Leo Tolstoy said, “the girls love, when them squeeze”. So, it is necessary to sue the entire male gender. If anything, you should judge bill Clinton. It’s a normal hysteria and manipulation of the masses,” says Konchalovsky.

The Director said that such a situation can happen in Russia it can’t. “Thank God, we live in a country where political correctness has not reached the point of absurdity. When a man can not be called a man and a woman a woman, and we should call them “personality,” said Konchalovsky.

Not one Director expressed the opinion on account of the situation in Hollywood, but the ex-wife of the eldest son of Yegor Konchalovsky, 39-year-old actress Love Tolkalina, said that sexual harassment – “it’s fine”. After a wave of criticism from the public, the actress said that did not say anything, although there are audio recordings of these words. Love has separated from her husband Yegor Konchalovsky, which was announced on Facebook. “And very secret, and most importantly — finally only after separating from her husband I learned how to be friends with him…..”
“Yesterday today was tomorrow….Meanwhile, the Birth of Egor!!! Let the heart warm and the sun, and apricots and almonds in bloom! I kiss and hug and eighty times a hundred, but only stronger! And despite all the love for art, I love him less than you. Friends and all concerned ,are requested to send greetings here..” writing on the wall in the social network actress.