Андрей Кончаловский признался, как избежал развода с Юлией Высоцкой
The Director told about the secrets of a harmonious marriage.

Julia Vysotskaya and Andrei Konchalovsky

Photo: @Instagram juliavysotskayaofficial Julia Vysotskaya

Many years ago, when Andrei Konchalovsky and Julia Vysotskaya just started your novel, their relationship, few believed. The surrounding were convinced that their marriage for a long time “won’t last” but as time has shown, they are all very wrong. On the eve of his 80th birthday, the Director participated in the program “gravity Field of Andrei Konchalovsky” which acquainted the audience with details of his personal life.

Among other things, Andrey Sergeevich has focused on how, having lived side by side for so many years together, he manages to maintain a very harmonious relationship. The secret was simple: he likes the fact that his wife keeps in communication with him a certain distance.

“Julia says you’re a stranger to me. My children – they’re mine, and you may or may not be… That’s right! — said Konchalovsky. — Mother and children do not choose and husbands and wives come and go. And there is the correct voltage, and due to the fact that we are both Leos, there are also powerful collaborative energy.”

By the way, to create the idyllic family life helps the Director and his age, but rather the experience gained. Andrey believes that if I had met Julia before 40 years — would not have lived with her for so long. “I was a completely different person. I was only interested in what is over the horizon, and didn’t cost me anything to collect the suitcase and go. Julia was really lucky that she met me already middle-aged man. The age difference is important in bad and good way at the same time!” — he shared.