Andrei Konchalovsky about the tragedy with her daughter: “you Can cry…”

Андрей Кончаловский о трагедии с дочкой: «Могу расплакаться...»
The Director openly talked about where to take forces to survive the personal drama.

Andrei Konchalovsky


Andrei Konchalovsky and Julia Vysotskaya rarely deal in an interview with the subject of the tragedy that happened in their family in 2013. Then the accident actually took the couple’s daughter Mary. For many years the girl is in serious condition. However, according to Yulia, she still observed very slow progress.

He admitted that it is difficult to find strength after the incident in order to live. “From the personal pain can reduce me to tears… There are certain meanings that appeared after the tragedy with my daughter. And they are moving me today…” he said.

To survive the tragedy, the Director helped book the philosopher Victor Frankl — “Say life “Yes.” After reading it, 79-year-old Konchalovsky was able to look at a personal tragedy from another angle. “This is a great book that taught me a lot. Have learned that in any situation a person can find meaning!”

He calls himself “greedy for life”. He is sure that a person at any age needs to move aspirations and desires. “Life is the deficit. Abundance is death. As soon as you see faded appearance and the absence of all desires — that is all life is over… I still want to have a lot of desires. Different. It’s called lust for life!” — quotes the Director