Andrei Gubin was forced to take a DNA test

Андрея Губина вынудили сдать ДНК-тест The star of the 90s became the hero of the new edition of “the Secret to a million.” Andrey Gubin was not afraid to touch on personal topics and disclose their secrets Lera Kudryavtseva. The singer also decided to learn the truth about an illegitimate heir who had previously rejected.
Андрея Губина вынудили сдать ДНК-тест

The star of the 90s, Andrey Gubin has been a guest on the NTV program “the Secret to a million.” The issue with the participation of the singer of the hit “Girls like stars” will be shown this Saturday, September 23, at 17 o’clock. During the conversation with leading Leroy Kudryavtseva, the artist decided to touch on many personal topics. So, the singer openly talked about novels with female fans, the departure from the scene and a tense relationship with his father, who never indulged.

The conversation touched upon the alleged illegitimate son Andrei Gubin. Apparently, we are talking about 21-year-old young man named max. In June he became the hero of the talk show “the Stars aligned”. According to the guy, his mother Marina had a casual relationship with the famous singer after the concert. Then Gubin reacted negatively to a possible heir and stated that he is ready for the court proceedings.

“Well like… I Have had Affairs with groupies. It’s hard not to open the door when you get to the hotel scratching the girl,” shared the actor.
Андрея Губина вынудили сдать ДНК-тест

Apparently, over time, the singer changed his point of view. In the video, which appeared on the website of NTV Andrey Gubin is a DNA test. Probably, the singer has decided to put an end to the discussions about his possible illegitimate son. By the way, Maxim said that he does not need anything from the alleged father. “Neither the songs together, nor his authorship” – said the young man.

In addition, the program appears former beloved Andrei Gubin, and his relatives, who prefer to refrain from communicating with the press. The contractor for the first time, dare to have a Frank conversation about her father and present her own sister.

Андрея Губина вынудили сдать ДНК-тест

We will remind that Andrey Gubin decided to retire at the peak of popularity. For a long time about the artist nothing was heard. He rarely talked to reporters, trying to keep a low profile. For a disease of the nervous system – left-prosopalgia – Gubin experiencing persistent facial pain. Therefore, the contractor is extremely difficult to perform on stage. Andrey Gubin has declared that it wants to kill

“I always feel myself more attention than before. Unfortunately. It’s awful. I roughly understand why. Of course, to go with this mug… Well, face hurt, guys, well, how much can you mock? What are you doing?” – confessed the actor in an interview.