Андрей Черкасов о своей возлюбленной: «Кристина ревнует меня по любому поводу» Ex-participant of “House-2” told about the relationship with the beloved. Andrei Cherkasov and Christina Donkey meet the end of April. The man admitted that he was impressed by her beauty, and the nature and femininity.
Андрей Черкасов о своей возлюбленной: «Кристина ревнует меня по любому поводу»

Former participant reality show “House-2”, and now one of its leading Andrei Cherkasov as little as possible to talk about your personal life. In late April, he started to build a relationship with Cristina Donkey. Many fans can’t wait for when the couple get married. Some fans suspect that this will happen in the near future. The man said “StarHit” that questions about marriage its a bit tired. Andrei Cherkasov:”If not the “Dom-2″, I would already married”

“Marry me already quite a while, maybe because of his age. On the one hand I am pleased, and on the other a little tired. Personal life I’m protecting, little comment for the reason that happiness loves silence. So what? Many begin to tell you how all is well, and then divorced, – says Andrey. – We live with Christina together, I offered immediately. Watched her from the moment as soon as she became a member of “House-2″. And after a while I asked her to leave the project and move in with me”.

Cherkasov said he liked how reacted to this proposal the chosen one. She gladly agreed. Soon, Andrew will meet with Christine’s father. Showman said that he is not worried before the meeting – hopes that he will be able to build respectful relationships with those closest to you sweetheart. Moreover, his family warmly accepted the girl.

“She quickly found language with my mother when we came to her birthday. For me very important and beloved parents. Although I am not a sissy, but for me this is, after all, not everyone is able to find a common language”, – said Andrey.

As it turned out, the magazine is not yet ready to propose to Christine. He remembered that many of the fans began to congratulate him with the wedding when he saw photos taken in the Seychelles. Fans baffled that the pair were dressed all in white – it seemed to them that the lovers staged a marriage ceremony secretly. However, while Andrew is not ready for the wedding.

“Like any girl, Christina is waiting for a proposal from me hands and hearts. Was two days ago at the restaurant, she already began to lead me to this idea, – said Cherkasov. – I believe that all the time. But we have a serious relationship. I am sure that in marriage, nothing will change. For me the main thing – harmony.”

Also Andrew is already dreaming about the heirs. He admits that many of his friends became a large fathers. Showman admitted that he for absolute happiness only kids.

Now eks-the participant “Houses-2” for 35 years. He realized that he had become much wiser, and therefore a blind eye to the whims of lady. Moreover, he is almost jealous of his lover, but she sometimes shows his temper.

“Yes, she is jealous of me to all that moving, for any joke, asking why and how. Probably, I was pissed to, and now have it easy. Scandals because of this, no,” admitted Andrew “StarHit”.

Cherkasov realized that over time it has changed a lot. Cherkasov allows the choice does not work as completely provides your girlfriend. Andrew doesn’t want Christina wore in the office were tied to the rigid schedule and a certain city.