Andrei Cherkasov brought to light a new love

Андрей Черкасов вывел в свет новую возлюбленную Party “House-2” appeared on the beauty contest “Miss Russia” with a spectacular lady. Young man long grieving after breaking up with Victoria romanet, he immediately began the search for the perfect girl.

      Андрей Черкасов вывел в свет новую возлюбленную
      Андрей Черкасов вывел в свет новую возлюбленную

      Some time ago a member of the show “Dom-2” Andrei Cherkasov broke up with Victoria romanet. The young man immediately decided that he doesn’t want to be alone and went in search of a new girl. The young man called on several of the important parameters of a woman that he needs. The chosen one must be loyal, love sports and have elastic ass. It turned out that his ideal Andrew had already found. Cherkasov came on a beauty contest “Miss Russia” with a new lover.

      The girl’s name is Stella Munasypov, she is a frequent guest of social events. Presumably, the new companion Andrew has worked as a presenter on television and also involved in organizing events in one of Moscow’s karaoke bars. Cherkasov looked happy and did not depart from the girlfriend the whole evening. Stella was shown in social networks photos with other famous guests of the final of the beauty contest “Miss Russia”, for example, with Michael Murov.

      Andrew has told a wide audience about the fact that he has a new girlfriend. Probably Cherkasov afraid of the disapproval of those who admired his love story with Victoria romanet. However, the photo with Stella in the background is the party of reality-show after all posted in “Instagram”, because he liked the frame. In the picture Andrew looks romantic and dreamy. Many of his followers said that brunette in the background similar to ex-lover of men.

      By the way, some time ago Cherkasov has officially stated that Romanets it’s over. “Some believe that if I don’t agree with Victoria romanet, grow old on a rocking chair, and the dog Monica will brighten my loneliness. Yesterday, she had all my stuff in our green room. Today I bring them back. Thank you to all those who want the reunification of our couple, I’m sure it is from Your kind heart. Sorry, can justify Your hopes,” explained Andrei.

      Recall that Cherkasov and romanet left as friends. The participants of the project “Dom-2” stated that all support each other. According to Andrew, after parting just so to communicate with people, it’s better than that dirt, anger, resentment and accusations that arise from time to time if your relationship breaks down the other guys a reality show.

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