Andrei Arshavin is finally reconciled with his wife

Андрей Аршавин окончательно помирился с супругой About a month ago the wife of a famous football player has stunned his fans with an unexpected statement. Alice Arshavin announced that it plans to terminate their marriage. A few weeks later the player still managed to regain the trust of the second half.
Андрей Аршавин окончательно помирился с супругой

Some time ago the wife of footballer Andrei Arshavin Alice announced that he was going to get a divorce. Surprise fans of the athlete does not have a limit, because from the couple seemed ideal. In the microblog Alice regularly appeared photos showing the family idyll.

However, recently, the Network appeared information about the fact that Arshavin was allowed to disagreements with his wife. In one of the comments to the post in the “instagrame” Alice announced that it had changed their attitude to her husband after his candid interview.

“I love it. And he me, I think. Not every man will dare so directly in interviews to admit their mistakes,” – said the choice of the player.
Андрей Аршавин окончательно помирился с супругой

“StarHit” got in touch with Alice Arshavina to comment on the situation. The woman confirmed that it is indeed able to forgive spouse. According to Alice, they were able to reconcile the contradictions arising between them. Footballer’s wife gave him a second chance.

“We are fine. Andrey normally communicate on the phone, I’ll see you tomorrow,” said the wife of the athlete “StarHit”.

A few days ago, Andrei Arshavin gave a candid interview with “StarHit”. A player who avoids talking about his personal life, for the first time spoke about a possible divorce with his wife. He acknowledged the mistakes made in marriage, and said that he was going to return Alice. According to Andrew, he repents his actions. One of the reasons for the collapse of the family of Arshavin became his infidelity second half.

Andrei Arshavin for the first time about divorce: “I walked and now I regret”

Андрей Аршавин окончательно помирился с супругой“We broke up because I did do wrong in relation to Alice things, and at some point crossed all possible boundaries – shared Arshavin with “StarHit”. Yes, I walked and insanely regret it. Understand that, unfortunately, time can’t back, can’t fix anything… the Only thing that remains is to hope that the wife can forgive me and come back”.

The decision to divorce is taken by Alice, was for Arshavin as a complete surprise. “It’s hard to say how long she was going to this, – said Andrei. But I still want to keep the family believe that Alice will stay with me is the closest man love”.

We will add that in the “Instagram” Alice Arshavina regularly appeared contradictory comments about her family life. According to women access the social network account is not only her but other people. So Alice was advised to be careful to phrases, published online.