Андрею Аршавину пригрозили судом
A few days ago became aware of the fact that the wife of footballer Andrei Arshavin Alice has got three criminal cases.

Андрею Аршавину пригрозили судом

The athlete defended his wife, saying that all accusations are false. Model Olga Semenova admitted that if Andrew did not stop to discuss it in person with journalists, she will have to go to court with charges of defamation.

Андрею Аршавину пригрозили судом

“If Arshavin will continue to ridicule me or to turn people against, I’ll have to tell us what happened this evening. Then Arshavin is sure to play. Maybe now he and Arshavin earned his article “Slander”. Everything he says is wrong,” – said the model.

Olga says that her player has been introduced by a mutual friend Paul. And the entire scandal arose from the video, which was posted online, where Andrew hugging model.

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