Andrei Arshavin for the first time about divorce: “I walked and now I regret”

Андрей Аршавин впервые о разводе: «Я гулял и теперь жалею» The footballer broke the silence and spoke about the current situation. Some time ago, his wife Alice announced he wants to dissolve the marriage. In turn Andrey Arshavin said he wants to return to his beloved woman.
Андрей Аршавин впервые о разводе: «Я гулял и теперь жалею»

A month ago, his wife 36-year-old athlete Alice admitted to “StarHit” that left him and is going to file for divorce. The couple married on 1 September 2016 and in February 2017, the couple had a daughter esena. One of the reasons for the collapse of the family were numerous infidelity Arshavin. Long before the wedding, he had an affair with a girl from Peter. Adultery became public knowledge this summer. Andrew never gives interviews about the individual, but in this situation decided on revelation. The player thinks she made a big mistake and bitterly repents.

Wife of Andrei Arshavin: “I divorce you”

“We broke up because I did do wrong in relation to Alice things, and at some point crossed all possible borders, is the exclusive shares Arshavin with “StarHit”. Yes, I walked and insanely regret it. Understand that, unfortunately, time can’t back, can’t fix anything… the Only thing that remains is to hope that the wife can forgive me and come back”.
Андрей Аршавин впервые о разводе: «Я гулял и теперь жалею»

The man admitted that the decision to divorce made by the wife, was a complete surprise to him.

Андрей Аршавин впервые о разводе: «Я гулял и теперь жалею»“It’s hard to say how long she was going to this, – continues Andrey. But I still want to keep the family believe that Alice will stay with me is the closest person to me, whom I love dearly. What I had with her, was no longer with anyone else. My mother, Tatiana, was very upset when I found out that we broke up. She became friends with Alice, found a common language with children, often came to Alma-ATA, walked with them, helped to bring up, all together supporting me in the stadium.”

The last time the couple lived separately. Alice, along with 13-year-old son Alex, 6-year-old daughter Alice from his first marriage and Asena returned to his native St. Petersburg, Arshavin continued to play for the Kazakh club Kairat.

“Communicate at this time is not enough. Mostly, of course, tried to build a dialogue I wrote, called, truly recognized the athlete. Wife works a lot in St. Petersburg, her children, she’s a wonderful mother, caring, attentive. To be honest, really miss you and your child – little Ezine, and kids Alice. We are with them one team – after all, six years of living together. Yesterday I had the last match in the championship. Return to Peter: I hope that the wife will change her mind and again we will be together as one”.
Андрей Аршавин впервые о разводе: «Я гулял и теперь жалею»

According to the wife of a footballer, their common daughter, a copy of my father, and the father used to spend a lot of time.

Андрей Аршавин впервые о разводе: «Я гулял и теперь жалею»“Esena smiling and cheerful girl says “StarHit” Alice. Husband loves it, can spend hours to mess with it. Daughter nine months, already crawling. Of course, the children also missed Andrew, and I’m not sure I want the past to ruin the present”.

Previously, according to Arshavin, they have Alice there have been almost no disorders and major fights. “Of course, it happened that we were fighting, like everyone, moreover are both very emotional people, but overall were a normal family life, – says the athlete. – Some high-profile scandals do not remember such trivia”.

Andrew hopes to beg of the woman forgiveness. This week the couple are going to meet in Alma-ATA and to talk.

“I don’t think about divorce and don’t plan on its own initiative, submit it only if Alice still wants to do it,” continues the man.

In conclusion, the question of whether it has changed this situation, Andrew said, “Life will show, I have made findings or not!”