Andrei Arshavin became a hairdresser

Андрей Аршавин стал парикмахером Player shaved bald Peter Volikova. The blogger had an argument with the athlete that he would not score for the club, “Kairat” eight goals. However Volikova not destined to win as Arshavin made a good showing in 25 games.

Video posted by FC Kairat (@f.c.kairat) Oct 6 2016 2:25 PDT

In the early games of the football season run Volikov Peter argued with football player Andrey Arshavin. Known in social networks, young people felt that the athlete will not be able to score for FC Kairat eight goals. Volikov has promised to shave his head if the player still cope with the task.

Andrei Arshavin, who joined the Kazakhstan team this spring, proved to be very good in all twenty-five games. The athlete scored the eighth goal in the 28th round of the Premier League. Eve came the day of reckoning: Volikov went to one of shopping centres of Kazan, where he was to shave your head. “The mood is optimistic. Get this over with,” wrote Peter under the frame with his fashionable hairstyle before going to the “hairdresser” Arshavin.

Football club “Kairat” put on quite a show for visitors to the shopping centre. In Instagram began to appear the videos under the tag #ShavaShaves. Skillfully wielding the clippers, Andrey Arshavin shaved Volikova. However, to bring the hair to perfection and had the expert in this field.

Watching this show, the visitors did not miss the opportunity to be photographed with the football legend. Andrew has a new fans in Kazakhstan. Players can meet while exploring the city: he often goes shopping at the Essentai Mall or resting in the Union bar.