Andreev fell in love with Robert De Niro

Андреева призналась в любви к Роберту Де Ниро

Ekaterina Andreeva

Photo: Alexander Scherbak/TASS

Getting ready to celebrate 1 January 2018 the 50th anniversary of “Time” which she has been waging for 20 years, Ekaterina Andreeva remembered one of the most interesting in his career meetings with Hollywood star Robert De Niro.

“He’s only on screen serious and severe, but in real life — very funny. Even allowed me to call him “harsh Bob.” I always say: an interview with a man, especially brutal, it is better to take woman. Will properlythere him a few compliments — “and do with it what you want”, as would say a connoisseur of human souls Alice and Basilio”, — joked the presenter.