And who approves civil marriage of his 17 year old daughter

Певица Слава одобрила гражданский брак своей 17-летней дочери

At the time, like most celebrities tries to be very much to take care of their children, virtually giving them step to step, often temperamental singer Slava decided to act differently. The singer, apparently, remembers what teenage love, the desire to try to start to live an adult life, etc., because your daughter grow up she just decided not to interfere. Further more – Glory wants to shoot his 17-year-old daughter’s apartment, where she lived with her boyfriend Dimitri.

The decision to rent a pair of separate housing Glory explained the convenience to get to school, and a year in COLLEGE.

“Recently we met with his parents, and decided to remove our children an apartment next to Sasha’s school. The fact that we live out of town, the road to school takes her two hours. I felt sorry for Sasha, when she would get up every day at 5:30 in the morning and sleepy going to class… And I gave my consent to her moving,” — said Slava.

Perhaps this is the place to be, but before entering the teenager probably better to focus on school, rather than at the beginning of family life.

By the way, Slava has nothing against the relationship between her daughter and Dimitri. According to the singer, for the time that they had known, the guy was already practically part of the family. Thank even does not rule out the possibility that the daughter will soon be married, but before giving consent to her marriage, she offers her a few months to think: “If Sasha will come and say: “Mom, we decided to get married,” I asked you to think of at least three months and if after that the desire will not pass, I will not interfere. Wedding I love you”.