“And we believe”: Dmitry Malikov played the fans

«А мы поверили»: Дмитрий Маликов разыграл фанатов
The singer played a joke on users of the Network.

Dmitry Malikov

Photo: @dmitriy_malikov Instagram

Among the celebrities of all “stripes” has become fashionable in social networks to conduct various competitions. The winners will receive prizes: the personal belongings of the stars, tickets for the coming performances, and in rare cases, you can even win a meeting with the author of the publication. The terms of such lotteries is always different. Dmitry Malikov followed the trend and announced on his page in the Instagram contest. Like, who put a “like” and write the last message will receive a valuable prize. Fans honestly fulfilled all the conditions and waited for the results.

But, apparently, Dmitry just messing with his fans, because in his publication he did not say anything about it when you summarize. It’s been three days, and users will continue to write messages to the message was the last. Fans left more than 25 thousand reviews! For comparison in the discussion of the video where Malikov announced that recently became a father, congratulated him only 2 thousand people. Some fans took offense to the joke Dmitry. “Victory so nobody will get” “Not funny”, “Fun, and we believe,” write Dimitri.

Recall that on the day of his 48th birthday Malikov announced the birth of a son. And this is not a joke. The baby was born in Saint-Petersburg with the help of surrogacy. The emergence of Dmitry boy’s parents have not yet thought of a name, is still vigorously debated in secular circles.