And suddenly reconciled? Tarasov and His flying to the Maldives

А вдруг помирятся? Тарасов и Бузова летят на Мальдивы

According to friends of the athlete, he is in a hurry to take the tour worth 70 thousand euros.

About the disorder in the family “Tarabrikov” talking about a month ago. Loud statements, none of the star couple did, but depressing posts in social networks of celebrities have appeared with notable frequency.

Further – more. First, she was to appear in public with tearful eyes, then went to work and worked literally for wear. And when I decided to give it slack, made a scene right on the rest.

Dmitry Tarasov all this time tried to stay on the sidelines. But soon the iron patience of spotsmen could not resist. First, he said that Buzova has problems with alcohol, and then wished her to live her life.

All this time fans of the star couple did not lose hope that the couple will reconcile. And it looks like “Tarabrikov” will soon be an occasion for reconciliation.

How did you find the journalists, the football player still has not passed a Christmas trip to the Maldives.

“Tarasov recently booked a tour for two for 70 thousand Euro to the new year holidays to the Maldives. Confident that the boys will soon forget about the grievances, as reservation for this trip has not been canceled yet,” say the friends of the athlete, writes “Komsomolskaya Pravda”.

Buzova, by the way, do not mind to bury the hatchet. Recently, she was actively trying to have a relationship with her husband through the mother-in-law. A couple of weeks ago the star leading organized for mom’s husband’s luxury trip to the beauty salon. According to the staff of the institution, this was called the administrator to make sure that Olga Alexandrovna all happy.