And muceniece priluchny: infidelity, jealousy and fragile peace

Прилучный и Муцениеце: измены, ревность и хрупкий мир Friends of the couple told how they went through a breakup. Lately in the relationship of Paul and Agatha discord occurred. Muceniece Priluchny and once again unsubscribed from each other in social networks and was ready to file for divorce.
Прилучный и Муцениеце: измены, ревность и хрупкий мир

In this pair, it seems, there is always the passions. On a stormy quarrels and reconciliations Paul Priluchnogo and Agatha muceniece in the party is legendary. More than a week ago the wife suddenly unsubscribed from each other in social networks and made a surprising confession saying, “put the marriage on pause”. Agate, along with the children have gone to relatives in Riga to come to himself, Paul immersed himself headlong into work.

The blade of the knife

Global spat with a breakup in the family of actors has not happened for the first time. “We are not just going to get a divorce, beat the dishes, screamed, almost went to apply, told Priluchny in an interview with “StarHit”. – Quarreled, even sleeping in separate rooms, sometimes in the midst of a scandal me or Agatha grabbed things and left the house. Normal practice in human relationship, which lasted more than three years. We are also young, hot-tempered, jealous, lovers, everyone has their own opinion”.

Despite all the quarrels, serious actor even admitted that he thought to marry his wife. But wants to do everything beautifully, and all the money spent on a new house in the village of “Yakhromskiy cottages” near Dmitrov, where the family moved in early last year.

About the TIFF the couple say reluctantly. “This is a private, not-for-exposing – said, “StarHit” Agata muceniece. – Now we have Pasha is more or less well, we made up.” Also, the actress confessed: my husband and I realized that can’t live without each other, so odds are, will look for ways to solve problems.

“Me and Paul are really very different people, – says the artist. – But, most likely, we are like crabs who have found each other forever.”
Прилучный и Муцениеце: измены, ревность и хрупкий мир

A couple of days before the big fight Priluchny walked at the wedding of a colleague, the film Director Mark Gorobets. The company rode on, ended the celebration in the morning on Board the ship in the restaurant. On the occasion the actor arrived without his wife. “It was really fun, danced, spoke, – has shared with “StarHit” one of the party guests, the operator Morad Abdel-Fattah. – Pasha been friends a long time, as far as I know, he always in trouble he keeps to himself, rarely divided, even with loved ones. Therefore, this time silent, was as usual, gave a toast and wished the newlyweds a happy and long family life, the kids.”

They say that the reason for the scandal was jealousy muceniece: blessed she suspected infidelity. Reasonably, it should be noted.

“Pasha often gives his wife the reins, told the “StarHit” surrounded by couples. – May disappear and not answer calls, for example. To stay overnight somewhere after a shoot or a party. Heard he had a fleeting passion”.

Longtime friend Priluchnogo, actor Alexander Sokolovsky, on the contrary, I am sure that the man who lives solely for the sake of his wife and children. “A great man, a wonderful father to 5-year-old son Timothy and 2-year-old daughter MIA, – said Alexander with “StarHit”. – And how Pasha is working, removed, not sleeping – all of them. They are Agatha and I were made for each other and I am sure can handle it!”

Just a month ago, nothing foretold troubles. Couples with children had a rest in Israel, shared the Sunny photos from the coast of Netanya and Jerusalem. Went for a Wellness treatment in a newly opened massage parlor cousin Priluchnogo Marina Stein. Paul and Agatha became one of its first visitors.

Found each other

Прилучный и Муцениеце: измены, ревность и хрупкий мир

Family Priluchny always been considered one of the most beautiful and exemplary in the domestic show-business. It seems their day is not 24 hours, but at least 30. Popular actors of all time: to work in multiple projects, go on tour, elevate the country house, to monitor the repairs in a new apartment, purchased in April of this year, and, of course, to raise children. In addition, Agatha manages three to four times a week to take classes at pole dance to please the wife, and maintain a blog on its YouTube channel.

The spark between Paul Priluchny and Agatha muceniece slipped on the set of the TV series “school Closed” at the end of December 2010, where they played lovers. “I don’t believe in feelings at first sight!” – has repeatedly said the actor. But when I saw a charming blonde with brown eyes, his opinion changed. The verdict is that Agatha is the one with whom he wants a long and happy way, was issued after the… ciepiela. However, at that time the girl met with Artem Alexeev, a dancer from the team of Dima Bilan. Even almost married him! Appeared on the horizon Priluchny – don’t like to break up couples, but seeing the problems in their relationship, bluntly said: he is always there ready to lend a shoulder. Flour of choice lasted a few months, the actress could not decide, both stele gently. All cleared in April 2011, and in August, young, hot and married love. Agatha quickly agreed, I really wanted to understand what it’s like to have a family. The determination is easily explained: do not like it – divorce. The application filed only in the registry office of Moscow, where register marriages with foreigners – muceniece is a citizen of Latvia.

Прилучный и Муцениеце: измены, ревность и хрупкий мир

Outfits for celebrations chose the custom – all black. Wedding dress, by the way, is still kept in the closet as school uniform, where Agatha was filmed in the fateful series. The painting took place without unnecessary witnesses, music and flowers. This turn disappointed bride, hoping the groom organises a surprise. You thought right! He just waited for elsewhere. Pasha quietly took the famous revolving restaurant in the Ostankino tower, which is and called friends. The couple went to the music along the glass track, launching balloons. Boozed up in the morning, as expected.

Two years later they had their first son Timothy, after another three – MIA. At the time of the birth of a daughter Pasha was in St. Petersburg on shootings of the second season of the series “Major”. After learning that the wife in the hospital, he immediately rushed to Moscow. On the way to the airport asked a friend to order flowers, feared, the courier did not get through until the phone is turned off in flight. To do each other nice in their family – the main rule.