And it’s not! Fresh juices are harmful for the figure

И это нельзя! Свежевыжатые соки вредны для фигуры

The list of harmful for the shape of products is growing almost every day. Now the ban covers fruit juices because they contain sugar.

What is it – what is the product look, either there is something harmful for the figure. Before a glass of fresh juice was considered a mandatory attribute of a healthy and healthy Breakfast, because fruit a lot of vitamins. It’s all so, but do not forget that they are just full of sugar. Sugar and modern scholars call the main enemies of our figure. Although just a few months ago, the rating was headed by the fats.

So here in the UK made a real war with sweet powder. Chancellor George Osborne announced the introduction of a tax on sugar! Since then, the manufacturers of highly sweetened drinks should increase the product price by 25 pence per litre. So the politician hopes to earn around £ 520 million a year for the Treasury.

But back to the juices. British scientists claim that in 40% of fruit drink contains the daily limit for children dose sugar – 19 grams, which is 5 teaspoons. So, scientists warn, it is not necessary to give their children juices all day, as do some parents, including juices alternative to soda. No, with the fruits also need to be alert.

Because they contain fructose, which when ingested tends to accumulate around the liver that eventually can lead to disease. Of course, fructose is less dangerous than traditional sugar. He, in turn, very quickly and is deposited at our waist in the form of extra inches and cellulite on the ass, can cause diabetes of the second type. The amount of fructose that we get from eating one Apple, of course, of no harm to us will not be because the fruit has fiber that slows down absorption of sugar. But when you from the Apple and squeeze out the juice, these fibers are already not is fructose in its pure form. And besides, one glass of juice it is unlikely that you will “load up” as if you ate the fruit whole.

What to do and how now to live? Drink the juices on holidays, not every day, and whenever you want to pamper yourself. Better eat a whole Apple and follow with a glass of water. But if you suddenly wanted portions of vitamins, make vegetable juice and add some fruit, then you will know exactly how much sugar has entered your body.

In General, girls, take heart. At this rate, soon diet will be approved only water and… water.

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