And I always love you: Спирс влюбилась в телохранителя

Rumor has it that the singer had an affair with his guard.

On the love front Britney Spears прям0 still no luck. Whose only arms were not trying to find happiness the singer, but each of her novel ended in a scandalous separation. Agent Jason Trawick, lawyer David Lucado, producer Charlie Ebersol… One cheated on her, others just left.

Not those guys you choose, Britney. It turns out that all this time in front of the nose of the singer was much more suitable option – her security guard, who’s really devoted to Spears for many years.

Unfortunately, his name is unknown to the General public, but quite possibly it will soon be voiced by the singer. Because Britney herself has unveiled his face. Recently, the singer posted a picture of the cafe where she was dining together with her sons Sean and Jaden and thereby the guard.

Surrounded by the stars whisper that she seriously fell in love with his bodyguard, and even dreams have on him. It turns out that the singer has long dreamed of becoming a mother for the third time.

“Apparently, Brit will not have to look for an anonymous donor of biological material for ECO – she hopes to get pregnant on their own. Her bodyguard does not mind, because he just adores his co-star sweetheart,” shared the insider in an interview with the American portal The Hollywood Gossip.

According to rumors, the Roman spears with the bodyguard started a couple months ago. And it may end with a wedding. History knows many examples when such unions lived happily ever after. At least Britney doesn’t have to blush in front of new lover for past mistakes, he knows it all and accepts it as it is. With children, it seems good.

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