And he’s like, Gerard Butler threw the bride

И он туда же: Джерард Батлер бросил невесту

And has already found her replacement! She was a famous singer Rita Ora.

A series of star departures continues. Recently it became known that to break off relations with his girlfriend decided Hollywood actor Gerard Butler.

Morgan brown, an interior designer, was a friend of Gerard for two years. They lived together and went to rest. It seemed that the wedding is not far off – according to sources, Butler was not driving with his girl’s eyes…

And now the same insiders told the publication Us Weekly that Gerard and Morgan had a few weeks of living apart and the actor has already found a replacement, which turned out to be a famous British pop star Rita Ora.

On the other hand, the news surprised few people – Gerard had never been a love of family values. Even during the affair with Morgan, he was accused of dalliances on the side. For example, a year ago, he was spotted on vacation in the society of the seven models were then murky history of Romanian fashion model, and then visited reporters, he had an affair with Rita. The couple were seen together in the cafe and even on vacation in Hawaii.

I must say that Butler and brown changed women like gloves. He attributed novels with dozens of Hollywood Actresses including Jennifer aniston, Jessica Biel and Ashley Greene. Which of these rumors are true, we can only assume that in his 47 actor has never been married and has no children.

However, Gerard early to give up. His colleague George Clooney, for example, to 53 years of age was considered an incorrigible bachelor. But then he met Amal Alamuddin, and now, as a family man, does round eyes to the questions of journalists about the divorce of his friend brad pitt. Maybe Butler will find his one?