And again divorce: Kidman wants to leave her husband

И снова развод: Кидман хочет уйти от мужа

Actress and musician for two months did not appear in public together.

After a loud parting pitt and Jolie have appeared rumors about discord in another strong couple. Relationships Nicole Kidman and Keith Urba bursting at the seams.

Celebrities have ceased to appear together at social dinners, furthermore, Keith never visited the wife during her promotional tour for her big new paintings in Europe…

“Nicole thinks of them with Keith spent “spark”, and very worried about this, – said the insider Australian magazine Woman’s Day. — She hopes that her husband will miss her while she travels across Europe in the framework of her promo tour, new movie “lion”. However, sad as it may be, it does not exclude the other scenario – divorce.”

In addition, according to friends of the couple, the couple are avoiding meetings because each one ends in scandal…

Although to believe this, frankly, does not want to! The actress and the musician have been together for 10 years and this year celebrated a pink wedding. And the history of their acquaintance was like a fairy tale… Nicole was very upset by the breakup with Tom cruise and Keith urban in time to lend a hand.

“I went into a room filled with strangers. Depressed and alone, I saw the kit and immediately realized that I wanted to spend the rest of my life,” – later recalled Kidman. Later the couple admitted that it was love at first sight. The couple has two daughters – Sunday rose and faith Margaret.