Анатолий Журавлев переписал квартиру своей матери на внебрачного сына The actor has made a Royal gift to his illegitimate child. Former mistress of the artist, the mother of the older, illegitimate son of Anatoly Zhuravlev heard the news from the actor. The woman’s son didn’t tell her that.
Анатолий Журавлев переписал квартиру своей матери на внебрачного сына

Personal life of actor Anatoly Zhuravlev similar to the plot of a soap Opera. The actor has two illegitimate children whom he recognized only years later after the positive results of the DNA tests. The eldest child Zhuravleva – son Anton was born in Nizhny Tagil. His mother Nadezhda Danilova was the lover of actor Anatoly Zhuravlev very long. According to the woman, as soon as the future star learned that his mistress was pregnant, he was gone. But years later, Anatoly acknowledged the son. In the new edition of “You wouldn’t believe!” Nadezhda Danilova spoke about the fact that their son needs help, she wasn’t sure what the famous father deals with an illegitimate child. However, in conversation with Zhuravlev on the phone found out some interesting details: it turned out that Anatoly during his last visit to the Urals did Anton Royal gift – rewrote the apartment of his mother.

“I signed the deed, and the document entered into force. If there is a mishap and I’ll be on the Ural again, I will report”, – said Anatoly Zhuravlev.
Анатолий Журавлев переписал квартиру своей матери на внебрачного сына

In the apartment Anton Zhuravlev already living for some time, but still remained in the room so to speak to mouth on the oral contract. Now he and his family occupy the living space legally. Anton is engaged in installation of plastic Windows, he is happily married and has two children. Grandchildren Anatoly Zhuravlev, Andrei and Yaroslav 8 and three and a half years.

The son of the actor confirms that the father is seen often, and in difficult moments, turns to the dad and mom not telling the details, so that she did not upset. Anton Zhuravlev infinite time, the act of the father.

Анатолий Журавлев переписал квартиру своей матери на внебрачного сына“Of course it is nice, good men act, every man have to do to transfer property to their children. Dad is coming with gifts, toys chocolates. Grandchildren love it,” – said Anton.
Анатолий Журавлев переписал квартиру своей матери на внебрачного сына

Zhuravleva have got a daughter Vasilisa, whom bore him a dubbing actress Tatyana Shitova. The actor communicates with her. The girl goes to school and engaged in artistic gymnastics.

But most of the time 54-year-old Anatoly holds with a younger child. Zhuravlev officially married only five years ago the actress Polina Prikhodko who was younger than his 25 years. Three years ago, a woman gave birth to a legitimate heir. For the actor child is a light in the window, because he didn’t raise his children. Zhuravlev pampers baby and a very happy late marriage. “I had him (son) from morning till night indulge, at the hands of his burden, even though he already goes by himself… After 45 years is not so easy to meet a man who will love, understand, respect, with whom you will be happy that you also feel like you. This is a rare occurrence,” says the actor.