Анатолий Цой: «Мы с Седоковой многое пережили вместе» Today, CTC LOVE launched the show “Sarahi”. For 28-year-old musician Anatoly Tsoi’s debut as the master. No wonder the Prime Minister has coincided with the most romantic date of the year, because the program targets couples in love. Especially for the “StarHit” Anatoly told about the personal life by answering five provocative questions.
Анатолий Цой: «Мы с Седоковой многое пережили вместе»

Myth # 1

The truth is that you’re having an affair with Anna Sedokova?

– It all started with the project “Want to Meladze”, where we met with Anya. It was in 2014, and since then great deal! We went through a lot together, always support each other in difficult moments and rejoice in the good. Nothing but a warm friendship connects us. I love this man, she is really sincere, kind, wonderful girl. A good friend and counselor. I hope we can keep this friendship no matter what. And Ani everything in life!

Myth # 2

Is it true that you were married and you have a child from previous relationships.

– Of course not. I do Soviet school. If I was married, once and for all.

Анатолий Цой: «Мы с Седоковой многое пережили вместе»

Myth # 3

The truth is that, according to the contract with the producers group MBAND, you and the other participants can’t get married? They say, for fans you always be in search of.

No such prohibition exists, we are absolutely free and acceptable for the life of the contract. We can start a family, and as for the “be in search”… Perhaps only in order not to disclose our personal lives. After a private, and personal.

Анатолий Цой: «Мы с Седоковой многое пережили вместе»

Myth # 4

The truth is that for you right now career comes first, not personal life? Or still want to nest?

– Yes, now dominated by career over personal life. In the next three years, not yet ended the contract, I plan to work hard and devote ourselves to the profession, embodying his big dream into reality. But then you start to think about his personal life.

Myth # 5

The truth is that you like leggy blondes? What type of girls you find more attractive?

– On the first… Leggy I really like. Blondes? It’s not the most important factor, given that in my life girls with blond hair almost was not. My favorite type? It’s pretty simple and banal: the chosen one should be interesting, intelligent, beautiful inside and out, to be understanding… And then there is a chance to find happiness with me.


The program “Sarancha” will go from Monday to Thursday at 22.00 on CTC LOVE. This is a money game for couples. In each issue, the participants – a young man and a young woman – going, not saying a word, the same answer to questions about habits, weaknesses and interests of each other. All the heroes will be asked ten questions. Each matched answer increases the prize Fund of 10 thousand rubles. In the end the lovers will be asked to play a supergame. Three supercopas will be able to increase your winning three times.