Анастасия Задорожная показала подтянутый животик
The actress is proud of her slim figure

Анастасия Задорожная показала подтянутый животик

Anastasiya Zadorozhnaya

Анастасия Задорожная показала подтянутый животик

Yulianna Karaulova

Anastasiya Zadorozhnaya amazed the guests of the National
award “Big digit” slim and
toned figure, which is rightly proud of. The singer chose to speak
on stage, jeans-bananas and a short sweatshirt, made no secret of flat stomach

VIII the Ceremony
the presentation took place at the Backstage restaurant. The Application “Russian
movie” won the prestigious award for the promotion of Russian cinema in
The Internet around the world. On
the event was also attended by
star Yuliana Karaulova, Angelica, “My Michelle” and Therr Maitz. The ceremony
made by Yana Churikova and Andrey Razygraev.

The Project “Russian
movie” launched online cinema Tvzavr under the patronage of the Ministry
of culture and Roskino. in April 2016, in
the framework of the “movie Results”. It should be noted that the development of
the application occurred within the company, without the involvement of outside experts. The project aims
to promote international, cultural and ethnic public
connection. Thanks to the “Russian movie”, to watch the movies in Russian
legally and in good quality can now foreigners
interested in Russian culture and the Russian language, as well as
Russian citizens living abroad, whose number
more than 30 million people.

“Russian cinema” available to users worldwide
Smart TVs and mobile devices, and
also on the website Ruskino.net. The library contains
topics: Movies, Series, Cartoons, USSR. Contentprotect Russia
the CIS and the Soviet Union — more than 10 thousand materials. For the current
moment, the number of application users, laderoute,
Israel, Germany and the Baltic States. The Project “Russian
cinema” was presented at the largest film festivals in Cannes and Los Angeles,
as well as the festival “Week of the Russian cinema”.

“We note
the rapid growth of the popularity of “Russian film”
users around the world. Having studied the culture
video content consumption abroad and observing the behavior
the audience, after talking with her at film festivals, we noticed how
interest in learning the Russian culture, to analyze the behavior of the characters
movies.”Russian film” helps them in this,
providing legal access to a huge library of Soviet and
Russian films,” — says General
Director Tvzavr Marina Shurygina.

In addition
“Russian cinema” at the moment — the only worldwide VOD
service where in one place concentrated all domestic films
production. “Russian
movie” — a vivid example of how information technology can
to make Russian culture closer to millions of people around the world, this
the contribution of online cinema at Tvzavr development and
the promotion of Russian culture cinematografo. In the complex
the geopolitical situation, the project “Russian cinema” became
a channel of Russia’s integration into the world communication
space and a platform for the development of cultural and
public relations.

“A big Number” — a national award for multichannel digital
television. The main objective is to promote new technologies, services
and content among operators and subscribers of multi-channel networks
digital TV. Chairman of the jury was Anatoly Lysenko, President of the International
Academy of Television and Radio.

Andrey Razygraev, Yana Churikova