Anastasiya Tarasyuk often thought about death

Анастасия Тарасюк нередко задумывалась о смерти
About a month ago a former member of the home electroni country Anastasiya Tarasyuk committed suicide.

Анастасия Тарасюк нередко задумывалась о смерти

The accident shocked all of her friends, because only recently she has moved into a new apartment. After the death of Anastasia revealed that she was pregnant, a friend told me that she often thought about death.

Анастасия Тарасюк нередко задумывалась о смерти

“I joked that I would not like to live to decrepit old age. “When I die, I want everything about me said that my death was not useless.” We believed that these are temporary surges of mood. Actually, she was very insecure and vulnerable people. All knew her as a cheerful girl. And when we talked heart to heart, alone, I knew she was so lonely. She was shocked by this world was. Complained that everyone around hypocritical,” said Karina Krasavina.

As it became known, Tarasyuk was pregnant by a married man, who even paid for her funeral.

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