Anastasiya Lisova walked in the footsteps Borodina Buzova and

Анастасия Лисова пошла по стопам Бородиной и Бузовой Eks-the participant “Houses-2” has released his first collection of clothes. It includes business suits, delicate shades of blue, dresses for evening wear and outfits for each day. According to the girl, she designed clothes that she would wear.

    Анастасия Лисова пошла по стопам Бородиной и Бузовой

    Ex-participant reality show on channel TNT Anastasiya Lisova decided to engage in fashion business. The girl released his own clothing line together with a design Studio DressNoStress.

    “The summer collection is designed for modern, successful, active and at the same time soft, airy and delicate girl, – has shared with “StarHit” Anastasia. Of course I brought something from myself. Then there are the suits delicate flowers and air “girly” dresses”. I created these clothes that you would wear myself.”

    Newly-made debut collection of the designer presented in Instagram and in the showroom at Sukharevskaya. Here presents a variety of models: and business suits, and gowns for evening wear and outfits for each day.

    Recall that in the TV project “Dom-2” Nastya Lisova appeared in the beginning of 2015 as a teacher of the English language. Zhenya Rudnev prepared to live in the Seychelles, and he required the assistance of a tutor to overcome the language barrier. However, the services such a cute teacher guy, was forced to resign because of the negative reaction of his wife.

    Despite the fact that Anastasia never took any classes, she stayed on the project as full participants. The male half of “House-2” have followed with interest the appearance on the beautiful program of the interpreter. The girl was paying attention all men-even those, who at that time was in a relationship. However, Anastasia of all admirers identified only three: Andrei Cherkasov, Evgeniya Rudneva and Nikita Kuznetsov. But late last year she decided to leave the project.

    In October 2015 Lisova wrote in her “Instagrame” that took a vacation.

    “I’m going to the draft… My loved and dear, I came back to Moscow. Although I love our fabulous island, you know that from time to time I need to recover. And from the guys to rest, too. So I’m leaving. But not forever. Leading simply allowed to take a vacation. To itself will not go, will remain in Moscow, will play tricks and break away. Look for me in the capital. Plans for the next couple of weeks: a good manicure, pedicure, dye my hair, go to the cosmetologist and so on. I have told everyone that the Seychelles trouble with this. Then to break away and not to return the entire vacation. The only thing I will miss is the warmth of the sun, burning and beautiful, to which I am so accustomed to. And do not tell me that much sun is bad for skin. By the way, guys, I totally went wild in the Seychelles. Advise, where to go, what to see and where to hang out okay? Thank you!”

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