Anastasiya Lisova revealed the sex of the baby

Анастасия Лисова раскрыла пол будущего ребенка
A former member of the project Dom-2 Anastasiya Lisova is located in the 25th week of pregnancy.

Анастасия Лисова раскрыла пол будущего ребенка

Recall that after she had left the TV project Dom-2, her life “took off”, he quickly got married (10 August 2017), and now travels extensively and writes a blog about fashion.

Анастасия Лисова раскрыла пол будущего ребенка

Husband Nasti Michael older than his lady for 20 years, but this does not prevent him to maintain the spouse and to take part in the vlogs, which Lisova actively removes.

Yesterday Anastasia for the first time opened the veil of secrecy and revealed the sex of the baby.
“Thank You my dear for what share our Joy with us.
I remember when I conducted a survey. As you are our Princess. only not called.
From 1420 reviews 90% was definitely sure that we are expecting a boy.
It was really funny)) to read Your comments like 100% boy, the hero grows, the boy will be)). I thought how people have so much confidence)).
Someone guessed) that I got You confused), writing about my addictions and changes. On national signs), it’s the boy, But As you already know), we expect Devochku. In our case, the signs passed)). This is soooo fabulous, I admit)), I honestly did not expect) and was just incredible Happy that we will have the Princess. And Misha so wanted a Girl). And now I have it growing in her tummy”

– wrote Nastya happy blog.

Fans were happy for Anastasia and wished an easy pregnancy, asking to keep them informed of events.

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