Anastasiya Lisova pumped up body by the summer

Анастасия Лисова подкачала тело к лету
Former member House-2 Anastasiya Lisova actively engaged in weight loss and sports.

Анастасия Лисова подкачала тело к лету

Anastasia is actively involved in to, in her words, to hit all the body for summer.

Анастасия Лисова подкачала тело к лету

The result of their training Lisova publishes a blog talking about diet and training:

Анастасия Лисова подкачала тело к лету

“So), and answer the most popular questions)).
Go to the gym 4-5 times a week, doing no more than 1 hour. It is important! Perform the task and in good spirits with ease in both body and soul)) go about their business further.
growth 173 .
Weight 53 ( when started on 2 kg recovered, but rather increased muscle mass), now leave the muscles and the fat and water removed.
Their food has changed, but not all suggest. Tons of meat have failed. Have doulas at one time to such an extent that now rejected by him)), eat only fish)
Ask your questions in the comments”.

And yesterday she posted a very sexy photo in a bikini, which proves that Anastasia is moving in the right direction.

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