Anastasiya Lisova married

Анастасия Лисова вышла замуж The star of “House-2” has shown a wedding ring. Apparently, the lovers have not yet began to organize a magnificent celebration. Fans rushed to congratulate the couple on such an important event in their lives.
Анастасия Лисова вышла замуж

The star of “House-2” Anastasiya Lisova accepts congratulations with the wedding. 27-year-old girl tied the knot with 48-year-old lover Michael. She did not much to tell about the holiday – had just published a photograph of a man gently holds the hand of a lady. The reality star cropped the picture so that you can see a wedding ring on the ring finger.

Fans rushed to congratulate the couple on such an important event in their lives. They wished the newlyweds keep the love forever. “Nastya, Misha, I congratulate you on such a major celebration of life, renew your passion as long as possible you love interesting life together”, “Well, finally. Congratulations! Happiness and love, and wait for an invitation to round-the-world wedding tour”, “You got married? I’m glad! How to Express emotions. I want you to hug and to wish a happy long life”, “Hooray! It was a cool event in my life. Wife is another solid status. Especially if the husband is good,” – wrote fans.

Lisova thanked fans for their nice wishes.

“My good, thank you. I love you all so much. But your husband most of all, forgive me,” asked the star of “House-2”.

However, for some subscribers the wedding Lisovoy was a real surprise. They had no idea that the girl has an admirer who made her an offer of marriage. In the microblog she never posted pictures with her lover. There were also those who suggested about pregnancy Anastasia. So they tried to find an excuse for that girl not dressed in a white dress and chose a black sundress with a bright print. “How? When and why did I miss that? Who is the chosen one?”, “And that there was no wedding? Just married and all?”, “I think our Anastasia in the position,” said the followers.

She Lisova told me that he met with Mikhail at the end of last year for the filming of the video. She some time did not perceive the courting males seriously, but he managed to convince her his feelings. Since then, the lovers live together.

Анастасия Лисова вышла замуж

Anastasia is ready to share with fans his views on a harmonious relationship. She knows what’s not coming in the second half.

Анастасия Лисова вышла замуж“Another rule, if your man hit it once and you stayed with him, wait! Soon there will be more beatings. You cannot endure such nedomuzhikov have to go, no matter how hard it was, and then fate will not leave and will definitely reward caring, truly loving you man!” reasoned Lisova.