Анастасия Лисова впервые стала мамой The star of “House-2” gave birth to elect Michael girl. Fans congratulate a couple with a new addition to the family. The whole pregnancy ex-member of telestroke share with the fans the latest news on the Network.
Анастасия Лисова впервые стала мамой

Anastasiya Lisova gave birth to a girl. Ex-participant of TV project “Dom-2” with her partner Michael on the duration of the pregnancy and shared the latest news on the Network. Users congratulate a couple on the birth of heir.

A few months ago, Anastasia has informed “StarHit” that I have long planned to become a mother. Pregnancy for the stars “House-2” was a significant event that changed her life. “It was a conscious step for both of us. I, along with Misha attend antenatal clinic. Husband is not afraid and with a great interest goes with me, watching and also completely immersed in the process as I am. He is with me always” – shared Anastasia in an interview.Pregnant Anastasiya Lisova is preparing to re-breast augmentation surgery

«Yeah! I gave birth to! I don’t know what could be more births, but mine were unforgettable! Every girl I wish she felt the same positive emotions in this wonderful day as I am! We had a beautiful baby girl, our Princess. We are just unreal excited about our happiness!”Anastasia said with fans.

Groupies young mother often asked her questions about what is included in her daily diet, what beauty treatments she allows herself during pregnancy, how much weight gained over the nine months.

“So 38th week of pregnancy. Weight gain plus 10 lbs. Initially, were now 52,5 62,5 about. Many say that before the birth takes 1-2 kg. you Do so? If so, do I fit into your original plan. I planned to recruit plus 9 lbs. of Citrus still made themselves felt! Though I wrote many that doesn’t really matter, but the body turned out to be smarter. Even after 1 Mandarin I started to itch. At first I did not understand what was happening, then tracked and realized that the itching I have from the citrus. Even the shower gel had to change. The headaches started. But the good news is that I know how to control. That is, they appear if I accept the position of the reclining or half-sitting. Apparently, that somewhere is clamped and then, after changing position, within a couple minutes I was like a sledgehammer to the head with one hand beat. Unpleasant feeling, to be honest. At whom such was? I hope after delivery it will pass. Certainly, business in the vessels, I have was initially weak. Here I have a fun 9 months of pregnancy, but it’s nothing compared to waiting for our beautiful girls. I think every future or present mom appear out of nowhere a huge amount of hidden reserves in the form of strength, energy and patience. I already feel myself,” admitted Anastasia on Instagram.

It should be noted that during pregnancy, the ex-member left work. Lisova participated in photo shoots and appearing on television. Anastasia also admitted to “StarHit” that is not afraid to spoil the figure. A young mother in case of need ready to re-plastic.

“I used to, before pregnancy, was active in sports, I’m not. It’s a matter of time and diligence for recovery after childbirth. The figure returns very quickly, that’s why fear absolutely no no. It seems to me, on the contrary the figure after pregnancy becomes even better in terms of proportions, because the bones are expanding. And the female body looks more harmonious, I have absolutely no about this fear,” said a young mother.