Анастасия Заворотнюк не была в коме, — российский бизнесмен

Information about coma and serious condition, Anastasia Zavorotnyuk – the lie — co-founder of Telegram channel Baza.

Last week the post-Soviet space is talking about the dire state “of the Wiki nanny” Anastasia Zavorotnyuk. As reported by the media, the actress was seriously ill and in a coma, and she was diagnosed with the same disease as the deceased Jeanne Friske.

But recently a Russian businessman, co-founder of Telegram channel Baza Nikita Mogutin shocked fans Zavorotnyuk information that all the media reports were false and the actress is not in a coma. The man published a post about Anastasia, which confirmed that she was indeed seriously ill, but is not in critical condition. He also said that the doctors are fighting for her life and the actress has good chances of recovery.

Information about coma, brain swelling and other deterioration of Mogutin called fiction a famous producer. Add that Andrey Razin commented on the media the disease Zavorotnyuk, referring to her treating physicians.

“All this time, the media wrote their materials about dying Zavorotnyuk, based on the words of one producer from the 90s, get a second youth. This man decided, apparently, that Lord granted him new Arms, and he can get up on it”, — wrote Mogutin.

He explains why in the recent “suicide” of the news about car crash exhausted.

“Why? Yes, just relatives of Anastasia forbade the producer to keep your mouth shut under the guise of source media. And a miracle! Immediately after this came the news that the car crash was transferred back to the ward, and her condition suddenly improved. But really it is not worse, and it will not be translated. Anastasia was treated, cured and kept. She’s got to be only good”, — said Mogutin.

Recall that in early September it appeared that at the end of August Anastasia Zavorotnyuk went for treatment in a hospital in Poland, where she got worse. After that, the actress was transported to Moscow, where she is to this day.

13 September 2019 actress had put in a medically induced coma. The doctors are monitoring her health and explain which surgical intervention is very dangerous. From September 15 Zavorotnyuk is located under the ventilator, so as to breathe on her own, she can not. On 16 September because of the ventilation it fairly quickly developed pneumonia, doctors explain that complications are due to a serious illness, which is struggling actress – the last degree of brain cancer.


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