Anastasia Zavorotnyuk used to be the home everywhere

Анастасия Заворотнюк привыкла быть главной везде
Today, a popular actress Anastasia Zavorotnyuk birthday, she’s turning 46 years old.

Анастасия Заворотнюк привыкла быть главной везде

The woman got fame after starring in the TV series “My fair nanny”, where she played a major role.

Anastasia has two children, 21-year-old Anja and 16-year-old Michael.

Star numerologist Clara Kuzenbaeva decided in honor of the holiday to predict the future actress.

“Life code Anastasia – 257 1910 – means that she was born in “the Day the main character” and used to play only the main role, moreover, not only on stage but in life, reports Kuzenbaeva. – The program is written sign of artistry. Talented and patient, sincere and fair, she has psychic powers and can predict the future. Nastia no eights in the program, which suggests that the star readily applies to material – to save finances car crash can not.”

Congratulations to Anastasia happy birthday!

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