Anastasia Zavorotnyuk let the handsome son into adulthood

Анастасия Заворотнюк отпустила красавца-сына во взрослую жизнь
The actress celebrated her 18th birthday Michael.

Son Of Anastasia Zavorotnyuk — Michael

Anastasia Zavorotnyuk is hard to believe that her children were older: daughter Anna for 22 years, and son Michael recently turned 18. On the day of his adulthood Anastasia publicly asked the birthday boy, wishing to find in life your way and not to lose the dream. The actress has promised to support Michael in all his endeavors.

“Eighteen years is a new phase of life. Time important start, serious efforts and high expectations, congratulated son’s car crash. — But a time to love, to enjoy, to embrace life, to believe in her good graces and make it big. Go ahead, take a course on dream, and we love you very much and will always be there! Happy Birthday, son!”

In addition, Anastasia has published a rare photo of Michael. The artist tries as little as possible to show the son of the public. First, he does not seek publicity. And, secondly, it protects against cyberbullying. Many appearance of the son of Anastasia seems to be not too courageous, that has previously become a cause for mockery.

Recall that in this year Michael graduated from the Metropolitan school. Until Anastasia talks about what profession he would choose the son. It is known that the young man immersed in creativity, he plays the guitar and writes music.