Anastasia Zavorotnyuk is suspected of committing a crime

Анастасию Заворотнюк подозревают в совершении преступления
The duty of the artist to the Bank increased almost twice.

Anastasia Zavorotnyuk


Representatives of “Russian mortgage Bank” made a statement about the tax crime that was allegedly committed Anastasia Zavorotnyuk. We are talking about the concealment of income. Artist, indebted to the Bank a large sum of money, according to lawyers, gets paid in cash without reporting it to the warden. It is reported that Zavorotnyuk decided to do this to her income from working on television was not seized.

“The actress has a significant income and would extinguish the debt of those fees on contracts that were established by the judicial bailiff-executor. Because the debtor is a public entity, it is known that she has a lot of programs on television. As found by bailiffs, according to the established contracts with some companies the money out in cash and not declared to the warden. So the actress deliberately evading the court’s decision, which is subject to execution, as well as attempts to avoid responsibility”, — said the representatives of the Bank. For the alleged crimes Zavorotnyuk may incur administrative and criminal liability.

Recently held another hearing in the case of debts, Anastasia before the “Russian mortgage Bank”. In 2014 the star was ordered to pay the debt on the loan in the amount of 537 000 dollars. However, the “great nurse” because of the difficult period in the financial situation did not. Taking into account accrued interest, is now debt Zavorotnyuk is 730 000. This amount could grow as much as the day before up to a million dollars, but the court satisfied the claim of “Russian mortgage Bank” is only partially. Protection of the Anastasia insisted on the cancellation of the decision and preparing to appeal, reports