Anastasia Zavorotnyuk got even with millions of debt

Анастасия Заворотнюк расквиталась с миллионными долгами Star of the TV series “My fair nanny” has finally put an end to litigation with the Bank, which lasted more than one year. As it became known “StarHit”, Anastasia Zavorotnyuk has signed an agreement with a credit institution.

Many years of litigation of car crash with Russian mortgage Bank has finally ended. Recently, the parties signed a settlement agreement.

In 2012, Anastasia bought a house in the suburban village and to the ground took a foreign currency mortgage loan – 15 million rubles. But in 2014, the crisis broke out, the exchange rate jumped, and the sum of payments has increased almost twice. The star did not expect such a turn of events. In the end, Anastasia and representatives of the Bank appeared in court. The long process was watched by all country.

Anastasia Zavorotnyuk was obliged to pay the Bank $ 200 thousand

“Anastasia is not the only one who suffered from the adverse economic situation in our country, – told the “StarHit” her lawyer Viktor Pasternak. – The crisis many lives are broken. My doveritelnyi – conscientious person. Of course, she planned to fulfill the obligations to repay the loan. This was the starting point for negotiations in which the parties agreed on mutual concessions and entered into a settlement agreement. Most importantly, the good name Nastya recovered, and now she has more time to devote to the job the fans.”

Over the years the courts, the actress suffered a lot. She never thought that the fall in mortgage bondage. Zavorotnyuk received credit, but the amount will still be unaffordable. Her property, even tried to arrest. However, the star has won a court case, after which the parties began to move toward reconciliation. Now the actress is rehearsing in the new theatre production, and also plays in two performances – “three’s a crowd” and “All men do it.”

“In parallel, Anastasia takes part in several major television projects, but will announce it later, – said the “StarHit” a spokeswoman for the star. – And together with her husband, figure skater Peter Chernyshev, they are preparing for the summer holidays. Will go to the sea, relax, go scuba diving. Now nervous for nothing!”