Anastasia Zavorotnyuk fueled the rumors about the breakup with her husband

Анастасия Заворотнюк подогрела слухи о расставании с мужем
The actress celebrated the birthday of Peter Chernyshev.

Anastasia Zavorotnyuk with her friends

Photo: @a_zavorotnyuk Instagram Anastasia Zavorotnyuk

Rumors that the marriage of Anastasia Zavorotnyuk and Peter Chernyshov, not everything went smoothly, appear with surprising frequency. This time to discuss the personal life of the actress was held at the celebration of her birthday. The birthday girl turned 46 years old and in honor of this event, has organized a small birthday party.

In his microblog Zavorotnyuk showed a photo taken before meal in the restaurant. She was captured with the closest friends. But the husband of Anastasia, which used to be supported throughout a favorite among the invited guests were not. Moreover, the artist said he spent the holiday in a purely female company. “Evening in a circle of friends…” she wrote. Peter ignored the birthday of his beloved and even in social networks without writing congratulations to Anastasia…

By the way, the recent car crash has not published any joint Chernyshov photos, filmed in the walls of the house. The couple meet regularly at concerts and the filming of the programmes, but home pictures recently disappeared from the microblog actress. It all reminded her fans thinking that Peter and Anastasia could take a break in the relationship.

However, it is possible that the lack Chernysheva birthday Zavorotnyuk there’s another explanation. Possible spouses are not able to “dock” your tight schedules and Peter congratulated the favorite separately. Anyway, fans wished the couple to overcome all possible differences.