Anastasia Zavorotnyuk commented on her daughter’s wedding

Анастасия Заворотнюк прокомментировала свадьбу дочери
The actress spoke about the personal life of Anna.

Anna Zavorotnyuk and Mansur Dzhamaldaev


Not so long ago appeared in the media rumors that daughter Anastasia Zavorotnyuk Anna played a secret wedding with the son of the oligarch Mansour jamadaeva. The suspicion that the heir of the actress was a married woman, appeared once on the ring finger of her right hand was a ring resembling an engagement ring.

The first time Anastasia did not comment on the personal life of heir. But the other day she decided to tell about the truth of rumors. The actress confidently said that there was no secret there was no wedding. According to Zavorotnyuk Anna is now immersed in his studies at new York University, where he studied for the production Department. The heiress to the “perfect nanny” confident “goes” to the diploma and striking mother of their mathematical abilities.

“In University, she passed mathematics on 100 points out of 100. And I believe that now say! Can imagine! Don’t know, genius or not a genius, but she made it. She’s quite earnest on producer faculty,” — said Anastasia in the program “You wouldn’t believe!”. And besides, judging by social media, Anna has actually been some time since they broke up with Mansour. In any case, she removed all together with photos of microblog, which suggests the rupture of relations between them.

And help the family of the oligarch Anastasia now would be useful as ever. Because very soon the car crash will be held in open court. An actress sue a Bank that she owes a round sum of money. It is not excluded that soon on all the property of the Anastasia you will be arrested, since the loans actress took on the security of apartments, cars and land.