Анастасия Задорина составила конкуренцию Сергею Шнурову и Николаю Валуеву
The designer became an anchor.

Анастасия Задорина составила конкуренцию Сергею Шнурову и Николаю Валуеву

Anastasia Zadorin

Photo: Press service

Anastasia Zadorin up a company Shnurov Sergey and Nikolay Valuev. The designer participated in the creation of the updated version
the program “good night, kids”. If he wrote the song, and Valuev will be
one of the leading programs that Anastasia made costumes for all the characters
transmission: piggy, Stepashky, Karkusha, Fili, care Bear and tiger Moore. Also
Zadorin will lead the category “Workshop” in the new program ”
good morning, kids”.

“I can say that piggy, Stepashka, Filya, Karkusha, tiger
Moore, Debra — our most flexible clients, working with them is
fun — laughing Anastasia. — My team was very inspired by this
project, and I noticed that we even began to smile. These heroes
do give a good mood! Of course, I am a child
watched “good night, kids” is a program that you know and love
all, without exception. And I’m extremely proud to be a part of this
the legendary TV show. For each of the characters we came up with and made
6 sets of clothes, there are costumes for every day, sports and even
holiday options for special occasions. Each of
them has its own character and we tried to reflect that in the clothes. For example,
Stepashka is the most calm and stern, his style can be described as
smart casual, piggy and tiger Moore – the adherents of sports style in
clothing, Phil prefers shirts and cozy sweaters in the cage, and the Bear as
coming from the “preppy” style, which is a bit similar to school
form. My favorite character is Karkusha, she seems to even like me. In
her wardrobe a lot of dresses, sundresses denim, stripe,
elegant. She is a real fashionista!

In the new program “good morning, kids,” I’ll have
its heading is “Workshop” — let’s start with Carcosa
“crafts: paint t-shirts, make application
and much more. Young viewers can easily repeat at home with
moms, dads, grandparents, older brothers or sisters. The kids like it
to do something with their hands and this desire is necessary to maintain and
to develop. I’ll try to get my master classes were interesting and
inspired the children to further artistic exploits). My son mark while
small and at the time when the program is “Goodnight
kids”, he’s already asleep. It’s great that soon on the channel
“Carousel” will appear on “good morning, kids”, which
Mark definitely will be watching. Probably he was very surprised and rejoice,
when you see your mother on screen.

Photo: Press service

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