Anastasia went to the temple with new boyfriend

Анастасия Волочкова сходила в храм с новым возлюбленным

Last weekend Anastasia debuted on stage as an actress.

In the “School of modern play” the premiere of the play “a man Came to the woman,” where 40-year-old ballerina has played a major role. The partner of the ballerina on stage was actor said Bagov.

As it turned out, love Nastia and Sayid managed not only to show on the stage, but to experience it in real life. About his feelings for Begovo Volochkova said in Instagram, where he posted a photo with the man on the background of St. Nicholas Church.

“Yes, we love each other, I will not hide. We only live once: you need to be yourself. Yes, I had feelings for Sayid, and why not? I do believe that on the stage the partners should feel each other, only then they will be even better to play,and the audience even more to believe them. I have with many partners on the stage were a beautiful romantic relationship. And now the theater gave me a new appointment,and I am very pleased”, — said the star.

Followers of Anastasia has approved a new contender for her heart and wished her happiness.

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