Anastasia weeps for the deceased pet

Анастасия Волочкова оплакивает погибшего питомца The known ballerina has told in the microblog about a tragedy in her family. She died beloved cat Gucci. The animal underwent surgery, which was performed in the veterinary clinic. Subscribers support the star warm words.

      Анастасия Волочкова оплакивает погибшего питомца

      Lately Anastasia Volochkova has failed. Not so long ago the star had a conflict, associated with her work in the theatre on the production of “a man Came to the woman.” After the dancer was replaced by the partner in play, she refused to play her, which aroused the wrath and threats on the part of the Director. Such events are very upset Anastasia. But the real blow for her home became a tragedy – Volochkova died, her fluffy pet cat Gucci.

      This is sad news, the star told his followers on the microblogging, put a photo where she covers her face with hands, and probably crying. In the caption to the picture of the famous blonde said that the animal died due to the mistakes of the vets. The cat was taken to the clinic in the New Riga, where he had to carry out the castration. However, the heart of the pet did not survive this operation. According to the stars, Gucci was internally bleeding, has occurred from-for errors of doctors.

      The fans supported and Anastasia have shared stories that have occurred with their Pets. “Feel sorry for the animal. Purebred cats often have poor health”, “Poor kitty. Feel sorry for him. I never have to listen to vets”, “Sorry kitty, I’m sorry, my kitty died a month ago, from old age, true,” “the Horror! My condolences, such a beautiful was, we got used to it”, – such comments have been left on the page Volochkova caring fans.

      However, there were also those who felt that at such a moment Anastasia shouldn’t have posted a selfie, and should show a photo of the cat.

      Анастасия Волочкова оплакивает погибшего питомца

      Previously, the cat has already passed and other treatments in veterinarians. So it does not spoil the furniture and does not scratch people, he underwent surgery to remove the claws called “soft paws”. After this, the animal was under stress and some time bad could stand.

      Recall that Gucci got Anastasia Volochkova as a gift from one of the fans of the ballerina. The animal quickly became a favorite of her daughter Arisha and subscribers “Instagram”, which are not seen, which makes the Persian cat, and how he loves his mistress.

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