Anastasia was angry at the Voronezh journalists

Анастасия Волочкова разозлилась на воронежских журналистов

Lies Voronezh media brought the famous ballerina Anastasia Volochkova out. Recently a celebrity came on tour with his play “Lady”. While the ballerina was in the road, time was not wasted, and published one after the other provocative pictures, which, however, none of her followers will not be surprised. Immediately upon arrival in the city dancer went for a massage to freshen up after a long road, but local media wrote that in fact, Anastasia is having fun with a local businessman. The alleged semi-Nude photos were taken in his apartment, not on the train. Had indignant Volochkova to write a rebuttal post on her page in the social network. Not forgotten it and to advertise local chiropractor.

“Whenever I share a photo in Instagram are those who have rolls visualisation and who is definitely wishful thinking. All I want to disappoint: I was really in the good hands of the massage therapist. Sergei Chertkov – master in the field of massage, chiropractic and psychology. He helped restore me after the trip and before the show,” says Anastasia.
Volochkova claims that doing massage three times a week and did not see anything wrong with that. She wonders how from a trip to the masseur can inflate a story about a novel.
“I’m tired of excuses from such vileness and iniquity! Sorry that the chiropractor Sergei sets only bones not evil and poisonous tongues.” — concluded the star.