Anastasia Volochkova was convicted for parody Madonna

Анастасию Волочкову осудили за пародию на Мадонну
The ballerina took part in the show “Kings of plywood”

Photo: Instagram

On the set of new show First channel “the Kings of plywood”, which stars competing in singing to the soundtrack, Anastasia came on the scene in the form of the Madonna. At the time this image a pop Queen in the clip for the song “Hung up” became very popular. Costume designers of the project could recreate the outfit Madonna exactly, but still decided to bring him and the part of Anastasia, so her pink swimsuit made of latex, and the waist flaunts corset.

“Good” subscribers ballerina noticed that unlike Madonna Volochkova have no waist, so it is contraindicated in these suits.

Anastasia posted a photo from the filming of the show, because it is very worried, did she to be like the Madonna. She asked the public. Fans of the ballerina, of course, supported. But there were many people who criticized Volochkova in the nines.

“Like Taisiya Povaly!”, “The horror, there is something the bottom fell out!”, “You have problems with the bikini area!” In General wrote a lot of “nice” and careful sale spotted a hole in the pantyhose.

But many noted that Volochkova hair of the Madonna, and, much more than a branded “slick” beam ballerina.